CEMIS was founded in 2010. Its operations are based on over 40 years’ experience in the metrology (i.e. measurement science and technology) business and over 20 years’ experience in metrology related research activities. Kajaani Oy, a pioneer in the Finnish papermaking industry, founded the Finnish paper industry’s first unit specialising in measurement technology in 1970, which later became an independent company incorporated as Kajaani Elektroniikka Oy. Halfway through the 1980s, Kajaani Oy relinquished its company specialising in measurement technology and the remaining competence base lead to the birth of several different companies specialising in metrology in Kajaani.


Metrology research activities in the Kajaani region began in 1991 when Oulu University established the Metrology Unit’s predecessor, the Measurement and Sensor Laboratory. Today, Oulu University’s Metrology Unit- CEMIS OULU also includes the Biotechnology Laboratory (established 1996), the Kajaani Unit of Information Processing Science (established 2004), and the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Kainuu office (established 2007). Jyväskylä University established the Sports Technology Unit, and started a Physical Exercise Sciences Masters and Doctoral degree programme specialising in sports technology and physical exercise and well-being measurement research and development activities in 2006. VTT Technical research Centre of Finland established a unit in Kajaani in 2006. MIKES Centre for Metrology and Accreditation began its operations in Kajaani in 2010.


CEMIS was founded 17.9.2010 by combining the research of university of Oulu Kainuu based technology research and education, university of Jyväskylä, Kajaani university of applied sciences' information prcessing, MIKES and VTT. Since 2014 the mechanical and mining engineering competence area is also a part of CEMIS. In the beginning of 2015 MIKES merged into VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, which also became VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.



CEMIS’ Structure


CEMIS is a contract-based research and training centre specialised in measurement and information systems shared by the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. It consists of Oulu University’s Metrology Unit, CEMIS OULU, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ Information Systems and Mechanical and Mining Engineering Competence Area, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s industrial internet and applied metrology research Kajaani office, and Jyväskylä University’s Sports Technology Unit. More than 100 metrology and information system experts work at CEMIS. The annual funding of operations is approx. 10 million euros.


CEMIS’ operations are directed by the CEMIS Strategy Group, which consists of the Rector of the University of Oulu, the Director of Kajaani University Consortium, the President of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences,  the Director of Administration and Finance of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, the Vice Head of Department of Biology of Physical Activity Department of the University of Jyväskylä, VTT’s Vice President of Knowledge Intensive Products and Services, the Municipal Manager of Kajaani and the Municipal Manager of Sotkamo. CEMIS’ Director together with a board consisting of the directors of the units involved in CEMIS is in charge of the Centre’s operations. Two groups of experts operate in CEMIS (cleantech and wellness as well as measurement and information system solutions) in which business and commerce is strongly represented.





CEMIS’ objectives


CEMIS’ vision is to be an attractive international partner in cooperation in developing new metrological and information systems expertise.


CEMIS’ aim is to strengthen and reinforce the attraction, competitiveness and impact of research and training activities.


The interest generated by CEMIS amongst students, employees and R&D customers is the result of the:

- wide and multidisciplinary opportunities created by a cooperation structure involving five leading operators in their own field as well as

-clear and attractive fields of focus in training and research


CEMIS’ competiveness in the highly competitive national and international R&D finance markets is guaranteed by:

- the credibility and networks of leading operators in the field,

- by concentrating on the strongest competence areas,

- using shared resources efficiently

- and by implementing effective operational processes


CEMIS’ impact is assessed according to:

-outcomes achieved for the host organisations involved,

- by the business generated based on new technologies developed in the centre

- and the amount of new companies and jobs created as a result of its activities


CEMIS responds to these challenges by focusing its operations on the most promising applied fields of the future, implementing an enterprise oriented modus operandi and effective working processes as well as through creating active interaction and presence at a national and international level.


CEMIS already benefits from using an operational model that is also nationally sought after as an optimal cooperation structure in sector research and higher education.



Cooperation is the key


CEMIS’ success is based on cooperation between the research and educational institutions participating in the centre’s operations.

The various forms of cooperation are

1) a joint development programme

2) joint project  planning

3) joint research and technology development projects

4) jointly funded or shared experts

5) cooperation within basic and higher degree training, adult education and thesis supervision

6) shared use of laboratory facilities and equipment

7) development of a shared technical support

8) joint marketing and communication services

9) joint innovation activities using the services of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences innovation and business experts, the innovation services of other research and training institutes participating in CEMIS’ operations.