MITY is a measurement technology research unit of University of Oulu founded in 1991 and re-organized in 2011. The aim of the unit is to carry out research and technology development and provide R&D-services in the selected fields of measurement technologies. We provide expertise and equipment for the use of companies, research institutes and other organisations in the form of commissioned research and jointly funded projects. All our competence areas have unique research environments at your disposal, creating a competitive edge for your business.


MITY consists of two research groups: Cleantech and Health & wellbeing. We have some 50 professionals with multi-disciplinary education and expertise who are ready to tackle your measurement challenges.


MEAN-metal analyzer for environmental monitoring developed in MITY


Competence Areas


Cleantech research group


The aim of the cleantech group is to develop novel applications of measurement technologies for real-time environmental monitoring, mining industry, forest industry and bioeconomy. The aim is to develop commercial measurement solutions together with companies and research institutions in Kainuu and Finland. We have a large company network which enables testing and demonstration in real environments.

The group has strong knowledge of electrochemistry, optical measurement methods and image-based measurements. Besides, we can offer the services of analytical chemistry (including sulphate, ammonium, chloride, nitrate) and our technical support can help to develop gadget solutions and their testing. The group has also got funding for commercialization of a real-time environmental measurement solution by Tekes funding instrument called “New knowledge and business from research ideas”.


Health and wellbeing research group


The mission of the research group is to develop online biosensors for applications of human physiology and to develop analytical services for the food sector, analyzing of plant ingredients, their bioactivities and processing of plant material. Analysis services are always important together with research and development.


Core know-how of the group is biosensors: electrochemical enzyme based sensors and immunosensors and optic SPR-sensors. Versatile processing and analyzing of plant materials.


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