Measurable competitiveness


Measurable Competitiveness

Jyväskylä University’s Sports Technology Unit, situated in Vuokatti is a training and research unit of Jyväskylä University’s Department of Biology of Physical Activity. The unit delivers Masters and Doctoral programmes in sports technology and carries out associated scientific and applied research. The unit operates on the premises of Snowpolis Oy in Vuokatti.


CEMIS’ operations in the Vuokatti unit focus on measurement technology for sports and well-being applications. An example sports application is the on-going cross-country skiing development scheme in cooperation with (CEMIS-OULU), where force and muscle activity, equipment, and athlete’s physiology measurement approaches and ski slide and friction property analysis approaches are being developed.


Competence areas

1)      Biomechanical measurements

2)      Exercise physiology measurements

3)      Coaching and testing science measurements


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