CEMIS in Pollutec exhibition 29.11-2.12.2016


CEMIS continues its work in internationalization of Kainuu based technologies. CEMIS held a department at Pollutec-environmental trade fair in Lyon, France 29.11-2.12.2016. Pollutec is a large trade fair which had 2200 exhibitors this year and over 60,000 guests over four days. Wide international visibility was the target for CEMIS and it was achieved. CEMIS focused on promoting water quality measurement solutions but other fields were worked on as well. In addition to CEMIS, of only eight Finnish companies partaking the fair and three were from Kainuu. So the region was well represented in France.


Organizing and hosting the booth was the responsibility of CEMIS Business Development. In the same booth we had our cooperative companies Aquaminerals Finland Oy, Meoline Oy, Prometec Tools Oy and W-Rix Oy. The companies were partly funded by Tekes for their participation costs. By having a joint booth, costs remained in control and a larger booth became possible. Working together at the booth increases the cooperation between CEMIS and the companies, creating added value to both parties.


Taking part in Pollutec was an excellent way to make new contacts, project partners and potential customers for both CEMIS and the companies. Trade fairs are important in business to business markets where mass media marketing is not so effective. Trade fairs are attended by more of the correct target audience and therefore the cost per contact goes down and the contacts are generally better. CEMIS works a lot through projects and adding the number of partners in Europe is an important goal of the near future along with further development of the already initiated South American markets.


In Pollutec there was also an event called B2Match, which consisted of pre-booked one on one meetings. These created a number of good contacts. CEMIS is active in the Enterprise Europe Network and partaking in the B2Match organized by them was natural. We made many industrial and public organization contacts with whom we hope we can work together in international projects in the future.


Overall, Pollutec gave many of both concrete contacts as well, learning, and networking in organizational and individual level. Companies got a number of good leads from Europe, South America and Middle East. CEMIS got several potential partners for EU and other international projects. CEMIS strengthened its competence and network in Europe and now gets to share its learnings between its units and partners. We have already begun contacting organizations after the trade fair. The growth of international business network will reinforce business in Kainuu region.