Cleantech and Bioeconomy

In areas of cleantech and bioeconomy, CEMIS primarily focuses on on-line measurement solutions for the process industry, in particular, for the bioeconomy and mining sectors, and for environmental monitoring.

University of Oulu, Measurements Technology Unit (MITY) in Kajaani

MITY focuses on development of monitoring technology based on electrochemistry, chemical sensors and biosensors, optical spectroscopy and imaging measurements. The key application field areas are environmental monitoring and process monitoring for mining, food and forest industry (incl. chemical/mechanical paper industry and wood processing). The unit has the capabilities to build measurement device prototypes at their Kajaani location. The state-of-art facilities and research environment has allowed for the development of monitoring sensors, which have led to several invention disclosures and commercialization.

MITY develops and adapts new technologies for utilization of natural biomasses and their sidestreams. The unit has fostered cooperation with the cosmetic and natural ingredient manufacturing companies.

In addition, MITY offers:

  • Expert services in analytical chemistry and bioanalysis services
  • Quality monitoring for mechanical wood processing industry
  • Real-time measurements for process metallurgy
  • Remotely operated measurement platforms for environmental measurement (including Drones)




Kajaani University of Applied Science (KAMK)

KAMK offers:

  • Testing services and facilities for liquid flows and mineral processing (water, liquids, slurries and solids)
  • Engineering services: HW, SW and mechanical designing and prototyping
  • Testing and analysis services for industry (XRD, XRF, TG etc.)
  • Water treatment solutions based on geopolymer adsorbents
  • Bachelor level education in information systems, as well as in mechanical and mining engineering


VTT unit in Kajaani is a part of VTT MIKES, that serves as the National Metrology Institute of Finland (NMI), and is responsible for implementing SI measurement units in Finland and for developing, maintaining and co-ordinating the national system of measurement standards.

VTT in Kajaani offers:

  • National Metrology Institute’s calibration services for force, torque, large masses (20 kg … 2000 kg) and liquid flow
  • Research and development in the previous maintained measurement standards
  • Development of reliability and precision of measurement and testing devices
  • Calibration, expert and training services in metrology


CSC specialises in real-time processes and environmental data management and analytics.


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