Sports, Wellness and Healthcare

CEMIS has been working in the area of sports, wellness and healthcare for years. CEMIS members are able to combine advanced technologies and expertise from different areas to developed special devices, systems and services designed for both our partners and customers.  Our unique cooperation supports all the stages from reliable measurements to the analysis and visualisation of the sports, wellness and health data.

Sports Technology Unit of the University of Jyväskylä in Vuokatti

The Vuokatti Sports Technology unit is part of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä. The unit provides master’s and doctoral degree programmes in sports sciences and pursues research and development projects with national and international partners. In addition to its educational functions, the unit specialises in R&D projects with a view to facilitating both individual exercise and wellness measurements and advanced measurement technologies for use in industry.

The Sports Technology Unit’s laboratory facilities at the Snowpolis Technology Park provide the latest technology for physiological and biomechanical measurements. For example unit’s skiing laboratory is equipped with a large skiing treadmill and a modern VICON motion analysis system. A testing and research environments for both ski jumping and cross-country skiing have been developed together with the Vuokatti Sports.

University of Oulu, Measurements Technology Unit (MITY) in Kajaani

MITY is working with new biosensor technology for sports, wellness and health. Their sensors are designed for fast measurements of different biomarkers of nutrition, stress and infections such as insulin, lactate and cortisol, primarily in saliva, but also serum, sweat and urine are potential sample materials. MITY develops complete measurement solutions for point-of-care diagnostics, eHealth, mHealth and self-monitoring applications. In addition to sensor assays and sensor surfaces, a measurement devices with required software, data-analysis and datatransfer are designed, developed and prototyped at the unit.

When it comes to natural wellbeing products, MITY develops innovative use of plant-based raw materials in food supplements and natural cosmetics, and also studies natural compounds and extracts for their beneficial biological activities.

Kajaani University of Applied Science (KAMK)

KAMK is a forerunner in computer game education, even on a global scale, and the skills in games and game technologies have provided a strong support for 3D and VR based simulation and visualisation solutions in RDI. This expertise has benefitted, for instance, in creating elearning and digital training material for healthcare and medical sector, in modelling and planning of sports events, and in creating simulated race tracks for sports training, for instance, with ski treadmill.

KAMK also has strong expertise in the sports sector through esports and exergaming, which both represent promising new area of sports and wellness sector, and will offer interesting opportunities to expand CEMIS’s offering and expertise in the future.
In addition, KAMK is currently focusing on data, AI and supercomputer education and RDI services. The role of these competences will increase evidently in the future as the amount of available data grows and more advanced data analytics are made to help and guide decisions and tasks in sports, wellness and healthcare.


VTT in Kajaani is focused on measurement technology and the quality and reliability of their measurements.


CSC focuses on data analytics, machine learning, data visualisation and management of real-time measurement data.


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