Health and well-being

Research areas
Research areas

Health and well-being

By means of measurement solutions, data analytics and the utilisation of artificial intelligence, it is possible to produce new types of services that promote people’s health, well-being, functional capacity, and quality of life.

The Measurement Technology Unit (MITY) of the University of Oulu develops biosensors for measuring health and tracers of various physiological states. The application areas for biosensor measurements include remote and home healthcare, point-of-care diagnostics, and self-measurement.

The measurement results can be used in diagnostics and health prediction solutions, and in the treatment and monitoring of multiple and chronic diseases. Health measurement can also be combined with environmental measurements to verify the effects of living or working spaces on well-being and the safety of facilities.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) offers expertise in artificial intelligence and data analytics for use in the subject area. The competence of students and staff in the healthcare sector supports the setting up of various pilots and experiments in healthcare or elderly care.

The expertise in measurement technology and data processing and utilisation acquired in the field of elite sports at the University of Jyväskylä can also be applied to health and well-being solutions, especially in the field of preventive healthcare.

The Measurement Technology unit of the University of Oulu has versatile equipment for laboratory analysis.

In the future, the maintenance of human health and the treatment of diseases will be individualised based on genetic information and all measured and stored information – several different digital quantities describing an individual’s current condition.


One of the strengths of KAMK’s expertise is 3D and VR/AR-based simulation and visualisation solutions. The solutions can be utilised in health and well-being solutions, such as teaching, for example, and in the simulation of the effects of lifestyle changes.

Through game education and development, KAMK has expertise in the new fields of e-sports and exergaming within the sports and well-being sector.


CSC has strong expertise in the management of sensitive data, which is of paramount importance when measurement data related to people is processed. CSC’s has expertise in data analytics, machine learning, data visualisation and anonymisation, utilisation of synthetic data, and management of real-time measurement data.

With the LUMI Euro HPC supercomputer located in Kajaani, the opportunities for utilising high-performance computing have increased in demanding modelling tasks related to sports, exercise, well-being, and health data.


In the bioeconomy sector, the CEMIS network works with improving the efficiency of the use of raw materials and side streams, optimising industrial processes, and promoting food production.
The management of the environmental impacts of industry is ensured through process measurements, condition monitoring of process equipment, and monitoring of the environmental impacts of the process.
CEMIS aims to produce solutions that strengthen the capability of businesses and other operators to face changing environmental and market factors.
In sports and exercise solutions, CEMIS’ strength lies in its technological expertise combined with research in biomechanics and physiology.