Analysis and Testing Services

CEMIS offers analysis and testing services to industry through direct commissions. Research services includes analytics, processing, consulting, as well as, renting devices and facilities.

Kajaani university of applied sciences  (KAMK) services

KAMK studies the properties and behaviour of mineral materials based on company assignments. Customised studies are also conducted in addition to routine tests. The mobile mineral processing laboratory and its equipment can even be transported to the customer’s production area, if needed. Our services include: beneficiation of minerals, grinding (crushing and milling), sorting based on particle size (sieving, classification and filtering), heat treatment (drying and baking), specification of material composition and dewatering of sludge.

For more information on KAMK’s analysis and testing services contact:

More information on KAMK services:

Development engineer
Kai Tiihonen
tel. +358 44 7101 275

University of Oulu, Measurement Technology Unit (MITY) services

MITY consists of two research groups: Cleantech and Health & Wellbeing.

The Cleantech group develops new measurement technology applications to real time environmental and industrial processes monitoring. Measurements are developed especially for the mining industry, the forest industry and renewable bio economy needs. The developed measurement solutions’ functionality is demonstrated in industrial environments. The group offers access to accomplished researchers and high level services in the fields of electrochemical sensors, optical measurement methods and image-based measurements. The group also offers analytical chemistry services, including sulfate, ammonium, chloride and nitrate ion definitions. Technical support know how is also offered to aid in the development of gadget solutions and their subsequent testing.

The main applications of the Health and Wellbeing group are in measurements related to wellbeing, sports and physical training, home and point-of-care diagnostic, as well as, versatile processing and analysing of plant materials. The primary aims are to develop online biosensors for human physiological measurements, to develop analytical services for the food sector, and to study plant ingredients, their bioactivities and the processing of plant material. The online biosensors are based on electrochemical enzyme and immunosensors and optic SPR-sensors. The sample matrix is generally from saliva enabling non-invasive sampling, although the group also has expertise for sampling, processing and analysis of blood samples with conventional analytical methods. Food and biomass/plant expertises includes extractions of plant material, fractionations, dryings, and analysis of chemical composition and antioxidant activity. In addition, the group works with bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell cultures, quantifies total amounts of bacteria, identifies and profiles bacteria by a DNA-based method, and does quantitative PCR, flow cytometry and enzymatic activity assays. More information on MITY’s analysis and testing services:

For more information on MITY’s analysis and testing services, and laboratory equipment contact:

Project manager
Mari Jaakkola
tel. +358 40 517 1565

VTT MIKES services

The Kajaani unit of VTT MIKES offers calibration services. The Kajaani unit performs calibrations related to the flow of liquids, force, torque and mass (nominal mass from 20kg)

More information on VTT MIKES services:

Team Manager
Petri Koponen
tel. +358 29 5054 453

University of Jyväskylä services

The Sports Technology Unit situated in Vuokatti offers sport science research (namely, biomechanics, physiology and the science of coaching and fitness testing) know-how, sports technology testing and validation services, and consultation services. The unit possesses special expertise in Nordic skiing sports research and athlete testing, along with skiing equipment and ski waxing testing. The unit’s research and testing premises are located in the Technology Park Snowpolis, where the laboratories of biomechanics and physiology, the skiing laboratory with a large skiing treadmill, and a cold testing laboratory for ski and ski wax testing are situated. The cold testing laboratory is equipped with a custom made ski tester with adjustable conditions (+0…-20 C degrees) for ski equipment and ski wax testing.

More information on university of Jyväskylä services:

Project Manager
Anni Hakkarainen
tel +358 40 777 3103



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