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Eight Beijing Sports Univeristy representatives are visiting Vuokatti since the end of January to update their know how on winter sports. The visit will last until the end of March.


CEMIS Business Development team is looking for project researchers.


Environmental monitoring day 2017 will be arranged this year on the 3rd of October in SYKE facilities in Helsinki.


CEMIS aims to help industrial and municipal water users through innovative on-line measurement technologies and novel water treatment systems. Our ability to create novel technology solutions by combining the expertise of the various research units at CEMIS is a competitive advantage. See our new brochure for water management solutions.


The annual report of CEMIS 2016 activities is now available.

You can download the annual report here. Previous annual reports and other CEMIS material can be found from the Material bank


CEMIS’ website has been renewed

The CEMIS website has renewed its appearance, content and technology. With these changes we aim to inform you of our operations more clearly and quickly.



Game and simulator technology training and R&D operations going strong at Kajaani UAS (14.1.2012)


Game and simulation is one of CEMIS’ five application areas. A vehicle simulator has been developed by Oulu University’s Psychology Research Unit, SkilLab in cooperation with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Kainuu Vocational College and related research operations commenced in the form of the CreaVehicle project, mainly funded by the Joint Authority of the Kainuu Region. The project ended at the end of 2011. The development of the vehicle simulator and related training and research will continue within the CEMIS development programme in cooperation with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, the Metrology Unit of the University of Oulu – CEMIS Oulu and with the Vuokatti Sports Technology Unit of Jyväskylä University. The vehicle simulator developed in the previous project has been transferred to purpose built facilities at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The currently available psychophysiological measurement expertise combined with skills and know-how in simulator engineering and metrology make Kajaani University of Applied Sciences unique amongst other universities of applied sciences in Finland. In future, students in Kajaani will continue to have the opportunity to specialise in game technology of which the development of simulator technology is a crucial part alongside the development of games and game-like solutions.


(Kainuun Sanomat 14.1.2012)



CEMIS’ staff enjoyed its first staff recreation day in Vuokatti on 16.9.2011

On September 16th of this year, CEMIS organized its first staff recreation day in the magnificent setting of Vuokatti Sports Institute. Approx. fifty people took part, i.e. about half of CEMIS’ forces. The morning was spent generating project ideas which inspired thoughts on the future of CEMIS’ fields of focus and opportunities for schemes and projects. In particular, the Green Mining session attracted a crowd. After the midday meal the actual recreational part of program started with CEMIS’ folk being divided and mixed into different groups. The groups had to take part in a competition involving different tasks from traditional relay races to shooting with catapults. The victorious team was awarded a prize during the evening’s sauna session at Hiekkalinna (Sand Castle!) to which we travelled by coach after the competition. As well as supper, Hiekkalinna offered a wonderful setting for a sauna and socializing. At the end of the evening all team members were awarded (like children after a skiing race) a bag of sweets as a prize for their endeavors. All in all, it can be said that the weather was excellent, the arrangements worked well and everyone enjoyed themselves. The next recreation day will be in the early spring.


New measurement methods for determining metal content in industrial processes

On 17.11.2011, the Centre for Measurement and Information Systems CEMIS organized its first international seminar on measuring low metal concentration in industrial processes. During the seminar, internationally respected expert in methods of measuring alkali and heavy metal content, Adjunct Professor Penelope Monkhouse, from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, Dr. Martti Aho from VTTTechnical Research Centre of Finland from Jyväskylä, and Esa Hassinen, Head of Research at the UPM Research Centre in Lappeenranta delivered presentations. About 20 metrology researchers and metrology related company representatives from Kajaani participated in the seminar by invitation.


CEMIS has actively developed new methods of measuring small metal concentrations in liquid flows. The seminar provided comprehensive information about alternative measurement methods that have been used in gas phase measurements, and company needs for the development and implementation of new methods of measurement were also identified.


Reaction time of the police is good according to research


The Kajaani driving simulation centre studies how the police operate in unexpected traffic situations. The driving simulation environment constructed in the facilities of the University campus provides a close approximation of what it really feels like to drive. (Yle 9.12.2011)